Induction Hob and Pace Maker

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Induction Hob and Pace Maker

Post by apexblue »

Just found that guests with pacemakers should be 14 in from an induction hob.

For those with inductions and pacemakers is this common knowledge.

Do we issue a warning.
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Post by e-richard »

My understanding is that yes, in certain circumstances with some types of pacemakers and some situations there may be a possibility of danger.

Anyone with a Pacemaker fitted should have been advised of the appropriate dangers when the pace was fitted.

IANAL, but to answer the question, I'd mention it by saying something like:
We have an induction cooker, and we suggest that anyone with a Pacemaker takes appropriate medical advice.
You're not saying its "dangerous" and you're covering yourself by offering appropriate advance warning.
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Induction Hob

Post by Stewart »

We raise it on the Website, in our T's and C's, the welcome letter and there is a printed label (Dymo tape?) on the splash back behind the hob.

The hobs are really energy efficient, controllable and the rings only get as hot as the contents of the pan above. That is a great safety feature in its own right. They are now so cheap and easily available (overnight with that swapping out a faulty one is a cinch.
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