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Paolo and Luca
Lay My Hat is a unique resource for holiday rental home-owners, by holiday rental owners - it's full of free advice, ideas and discussions on what we all want in life...more bookings.

The idea behind Lay My Hat is that between us we must know everything there is to know about renting holiday properties - it's just a question of getting together to discuss it.

On this site you can ask for help from your fellow owners, or share your know-how with them, because you’re not alone – there are many people in your situation, including me!

I've had a lot of questions about renting a holiday home that I simply can’t answer. Now you can use the discussion forum for rental owners to directly ask the worldwide community of owners - if they don’t have an answer, nobody will!

I've tried to make the forum so user-friendly that even my mother can use it. A forum only works as long as people contribute to it, so please take a look.

We’re going to carry on adding to the site according to your feedback, so don't be shy in telling me what you would like to see next on Lay My Hat.

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All the best,

Paolo De Paolis signature

Paolo De Paolis
Editor, Lay My Hat

P.S. Are you scratching your head over the phrase 'Lay My Hat'? It's from the song: "Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home..."

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