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Replacing our pool pump
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

bornintheuk wrote:
If your pool flow system has been "designed" with a lot of 90 bends, as a lot are, then you may have so many losses due to these that an Eco pump may not give you enough flow. If you were starting from scratch then thats a different thing, but you are not so its not an open and shut case for Eco.
Just my 2 cents. Wink

Returning to this topic, I don't always get to work on new pools to design their systems most of my work is after market upgrades for people who want to reduce their electricity cost dramatically (85-90%) and possibly following a pump or other piece of equipment failure. This has allowed me to build quite a few with even some bad plumbing setups and achieve great results. On one particular pool we had 3 skimmers (sounds good so far) but sadly all connected to just one small diameter pipe (not good it's the equivalent to 1 skimmer on one pipe) but in spite of this we were able to sort the rest out and still hit the DDASS or ARS stated turnover which had never happened with the old energy consuming setup.

The industry is slowly waking up to what I have been saying and doing for 4 years but because they are so slow it will be a while before they get anywhere near the efficiency that I achieve.

Off the back of this work I can finally see the end of those awful mono block filtration units used by the likes of Desjoyaux, Magiline and Waterair to name but 3. As more and more people run pools efficiently at 60-125watts/hour companies like those mentioned will have a tough time convincing potential customers of the benefits of 1800watts/hour (around 15-30 times more electricity per hour!)

The benefits don't just end there, the pools when running Eco are easier to look after because filtration improves as well reducing maintenance time and chemical usage.

It's all good! we have cost efficient solutions for Eco running any pool now.
Passivpool Energy "A" rated Swimming Pools, the most efficient, lowest running cost pools in the world
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