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About handling rental enquiries

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Handling rental enquiries
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 11:09 am    Post subject: About handling rental enquiries Reply with quote

A common cry for help I get from holiday rental owners is along the lines of:

"I get plenty of traffic to my site, but no enquiries"


"I reply to a lot of booking enquiries, but I never hear from them again"

Different problems, but they may have a common cause. It could be that what you say to people, whether on your site or in an email, is not persuading them. You could be actively putting them off.

You may be saying too little, too much, or using the wrong tone of voice.

People who look for holiday accommodation on the internet tend to enquire about more than one property at a time, so when we get an enquiry we are in competition with others, and we have to ‘close the sale’.

It may be that you have some great selling points in your armoury, and that will convince your enquirer to book. But usually it comes down to how you communicate, not what you communicate.

In short, come across as sympathetic and trustworthy, and you will probably get the booking.

I covered what I consider the most important aspects of your written communication in this article on websites:

and this one about responding to enquiries:

Post your questions and queries, tips and advice on anything to do with communicating with potential renters by clicking on the ‘newtopic’ button.
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Handling rental enquiries
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